Relations between Turkey and Syria have become increasingly strained over the last year. Tension between the two countries has been growing since the beginning of the 2011 Syrian civil war. Much of this tension has arisen from a series of incidents along the Syrian border, along with the Turkish government’s interventionist policies, which it may […]

After a series of recent failed negotiations spanning two years, American and Iranian diplomats have signed a preliminary deal on Nov. 24. This deal would begin the process of curtailing what many have suspected to be an Iranian attempt to develop a nuclear weapon. The Obama administration has hailed the agreement as a historic shift […]

Seven days into the U.S. government shutdown, with no end in sight, lawmakers toy with the idea of temporarily raising the national debt ceiling. Under political scrutiny, President Obama conceded that he would approve a temporary measure, the only alternative being a default on national loans. The increase in spending would not end the government […]

Photo by Sarah Welch   As the Republican Party seeks to reexamine its image, a new model is emerging. Nestled minutes from downtown, Seattle Pacific University is engaging the criticism of culture and giving a new face to how traditional values interact with a rapidly changing culture. A primary criticism for the decline in the […]

Much has been made of North Korea’s propaganda machine and brainwashing of its citizens.  Children are taught to believe in a distorted image of the outside world, cell phones for the most part are not allowed, and only a privileged few are granted internet access.  The few glimpses westerners have had inside the country show […]

North Korea is a country that operates by projecting a grandiose exterior of social harmony and technological advancement, while hiding a dilapidated interior that is archaic and often extremely disturbing.  This interior is deliberately hidden from the outside world, with visitors to the country accompanied by tour guides at all times, and foreign diplomats only […]

Concluding what had become a vicious partisan battle, the national Senate formally confirmed President Obama’s nominee, Chuck Hagel, former Republican senator of Nebraska, as the new Secretary of Defense on Feb. 26. The confirmation came by a narrow margin, obtaining a 58-41 vote of simple majority only after several weeks of political turmoil. Delays in […]